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I have students, but dont have whiteboard to teach

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Nice to know. How did you get your students? Have you started online tutoring? If not try with and come up with your feedback.

Hello every one,

First time on this board and first time with online tutoring concept , excuse me if  asked a silly question , What are the prerequsite for tutoring mathematics to higher clases online,  few of my students shifted from India to US and Europe and are requesting  me to teach them maths . So I do not knoww how to go ahead ???


How do i go ahead ,do i buy HP digital equipments (hardware ) ???

 If some one can suggest  the best IT architecture soluting to teach maths

Kindly advice 

Thank You

Seema, i have been using for past two years. Here you can register for free and have a look at their whiteboard. They also conduct a number of online classes from time to time to explain the technique. They have mathematical tools on that board and is quite user friendly. For teaching maths you will need a pen tablet which is available in the market. I found the one by Wacom the best though slightly more expensive than the 'Iball' one. You need a little practice to conduct a class.You can get in touch with me if u need any help at need a broadband connection, headset to conduct the class.
Thank You kajal and excuse me for replying a bit late as iam new to this and slowing picking up Thanks once again
I recommend myself, but there are many options out there for you.  I found that no 2 are identical.  It all comes down to you deciding on which tools you need to conduct your tutoring sessions.
Yes wiziq is best for that you can also contact me at

I am in the process of getting the whiteboard software

That's great to hear.  Let us know which one you choose.


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