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I would like to start my online tutoring business teaching Mathematics,

after obtaining a PhD degree, but I don't know what technical tools I would

need for that.

Apart from a Skype connection to speak with my students, I would need

something, if it exists, like an electronic paper connected through a USB

port, such that I could write on the electronic paper and what I write appears

on the students' screen.

Teaching Mathematics requires writing and drawing, therefore I would find

very difficult doing that without proper technical tools.

Do you have any hints about that? Is there any other technical stuff that I am

not considering here, which could turn out useful?




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I'd probably recommend skype if you prefer to teach classroom style where you are writing on a chalk board.

Or you could just use a whiteboard from or even skype (they have one too), but in this case, your students would only see your writing on the whiteboard.

Will Skype work for Single teacher to multiple students. NOTE: There won't be separate desktop for every students 

Yes, because they will be showing their computer screen on a movie type screen with a projector.

We need to do as follows:

1. Using Digital Pen and Pad to write/draw or highlight things in our screen.

2. Using Skype, we will share our screen and speak through Mike/headset.

3. Our students at the destination will see it in larger screen. Even at their end we use Skype call. They use mike to ask their queries. Large speaker to listen.

Let us know if my understanding is wrong

Please clarify the following:

1. In Skype, some times while we share our screen due to internet challenge voice wont get sink properly with screen sharing. Please suggest on this.

2. For Digital pen and pad what size will you prefer: We have  following sizes

  • Tablet with Cordless Mouse and Pen 12" / 9" (1024 level) 
  • Digital Pen Tablet with Cordless Pen 4030U 4"x3" 
  • Digital Pen Tablet with Cordless Mouse 5540U 5.5 x 4 
  • Digital Pen Tablet with Cordless Mouse 8060U 
  • Digital Pen Tablet with Cordless Mouse PF 1209

3. What brand will be good. Here i see iball and bamboo

Skype does have hiccups, but if anything they should be temporary and worse case scenario, you can let your students know that if this does happen, to reset and reconnect a few minutes later.

Any digital pen will work, but I do recommend testing it first to make sure you are comfortable with it.

Any brand will do.

Have fun and keep me posted!

Skype has an online classroom of their own that you might want to


I answered the rest of your questions below.

I also want to start online tutoring in mathematics but I dont know from where to start. Can someone help me to tell that what are the tools I need to start it and how to begin my first online teaching class.
Start by downloading my free report on the right side of the forum.  Then, ask questions.  I do list and review many tools that can help you.

I would like to start an online tutoring business.  Thank you Scott for all the resources.

It is really good and helpful all the things that people share in here.

There are lots of tools which we can use. Check out few good information about it with


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