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I have an opportunity to tutor students in China. I was wondering what type of whiteboard program could I use that wouldn't have such a time delay such as Skype.


Rachel, Missouri

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Most of your software options have some delay, but it's very minimal.  Skype would work just fine or you can use which is pretty good too.  I doubt your student would even notice a delay and I am sure he or she will be happy you are helping them inside a real online classroom even if they do notice a delay.

I hope that helps!

Thanks for the quick response, Scott!

The best software for online classes could be that of WizIQ .com. It is versatile, allows text and voice chat. You can upload content, use media player to view youtube videos. A great advantage is that they allow you to use the virtual classroom for free. Thus one can get used to the environment before even the class starts.


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